Shanzi is an award-winning online content creator, travel guru, and polyglot who has fronted her blog and YouTube channel for 10+ years... ok, maybe not yet, but hopefully, one day that will be true! 

I'm a born and bred East Coast gal who’s lucky enough to call Berlin home. I started this blog to chronicle my experiences as a 20-something stumbling through Europe. 

Before the age of 19, I had scarcely traveled outside of the US but had saved enough to study abroad in Granada, Spain where I confirmed that life in Europe was just better. In the 4 years since then, I've prioritized traveling and visited 20+ countries. Discovering people, cultures, food, music, and everything in between keeps me fulfilled while working at my full-time job. After graduating from university, I dreaded joining the corporate world but relied on my strong daily habits to keep me inspired: working out, reading, and saying "yes" to as many opportunities as possible. 

I'm notorious for being a serial planner (few things get me going as much as a fully color-coded gCal), so I'm trying to take things day by day with the ultimate goal of living without compromise or comparison. That means indulging in elevated, everyday pleasures while keeping my end goal in mind. I believe preparation is the key to good execution, discipline is more important than motivation, and what you think/say/do is what you become. 
what I'm working on:
I love feeding my competitive side by setting up challenges for myself.
2021's goals include:

+ learn french
+ learn german
+ train for & run a marathon
+ travel to 6+ countries
+ read 30 books (more non-fiction)
+ publish 3 blog posts a month
+ learn how to swim
+ bike ride on the STREET
+ become a design superstar (SUPER!!! STAR!!!)
+ watch all the christopher nolan movies

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