Quarantine Berlin (A Concept)

July 14, 2020

Berlin March/April 2020.

The quarantine months saw:

- Days averaging 15k steps a day. There was A LOT of walking around town.

- Pancakes (or any type of cooking or baking) at Audrey's apartment. We found any excuse to get domestic.

- Reading...I read 12 books in quarantine on my laptop. I will never take books or libraries for granted again.

Grateful for the time I spent exploring every nook and cranny of this city...excited to keep seeing it but also craving new (non-German) adventures.

This is a snapshot of Weinbergsweg the first night bars were allowed outdoor seating. I emerged from my apartment in AWE. Audrey and I walked around after dinner pointing and shouting in glee at people sitting inside restaurants in groups.

Berliners' version of "social distancing."

An empty courtyard that's usually filled to the brim with Berlin youth on their way to doing who knows what.

I lost count of the number of mornings that I had the Brandenburg Gate all to myself.

The lilac along the Spree blooming with nobody to admire it. A metaphor?

I don't care if it's touristy,,,Gendarmenmarkt is my favorite spot in the city. I think the story of the Germans getting jealous of the French is a narrative that carries itself into present day.

You would probably find me sunbathing on abandoned cafe chairs every afternoon after work in April.

"Looking up" on Torstrasse.

The 80s are alive and well in Berlin. Note: dad shoes + curls in all their glory

A sweet sibling moment captured on the walk home from school.

My favorite Berlin intersection...you can find everything you've ever dreamed of within 1km of Eberswalder Straße.

RIP to the Harry Styles concert I was supposed to attend. I had to endure seeing his face on every single street corner for three months.

Couldn't have said it better myself. Seen at casaflora (Danziger Str. 2, 10435 Berlin).

Snapped the last time I was at TXL...can't wait to see that scrappy little airport again (in 2 weeks!)

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