Berlin in Oktober

November 10, 2020

What Berlin lacks in basic autumnal spirit, it makes up for in rain, gloom, and despair. Guess it's spooky enough to feel like Halloween here after all!

I'm mostly kidding, but after a loooong summer adjusting to darker and shorter days takes more than just a Vitamin D supplement.

This month people I went to college with got engaged. I thought this wasn't supposed to happen for another few years (at least) but if I've learned one thing since moving here it's that milestone timelines are fake. Congratulations, Jen Gucci! Can't believe it was yesterday we were running around government camp in neon colored shirts and this month you're engaged! I promise to fly back to America for your wedding, even if it means spending a weekend in NH. Let the cupcake tastings, photoshoots, wedding dress hysteria, and bachelorette party planning shenanigans commence.

I'm glad I got to squeeze in a few more trips this month before the inevitable winter lockdown. Porto, Puglia, and Corfu fed my soul before an inevitable second travel standstill starts in November.

This month my favorite airport shut down. I was sentimental enough to visit its observation deck to watch a few planes take off and land. TXL: I'll never forget your speedy shuttle buses from Invalidenpark or the process of checking into my flight, checking my bags, breezing through security, and walking onto my flight within 100 meters of each other. I'll think of you every time I have to make the one hour commute from my place to SXF. Or as it's now called, Terminal 5 of BER. Whatever.

This month I also discovered the utter genius of the Ringbahn. Audrey treated herself to some currywurst (better than it sounds and looks) and then we pretended to be in a dramatic movie scene while riding the Ringbahn for 45 minutes. This part of Berlin's transport system envelops the main part of the city. Each quadrant takes about 15 minutes to travel, just like a clock. My inner German is squealing with joy at the efficiency, timeliness, and sheer idea of this invention and wonders why America doesn't have something half as good.

After failing to visit the Reichstag Building in September, I finally made it up to the dome in October. The Reichstag is now the second most visited attraction in Germany and it's where the German parliament meets. It's cool to run by history on my way to Tiergarten or on a misty morning walk along the Spree.

This month saw so much good food (EVOO gelato, federweißer und Zwiebelkuchen, Sunday morning pancakes, and both German and Portuguese natas). In November, I want to read more books, go for more runs, avoid the rain, and (hopefully) celebrate the results of the election! Fingers crossed.

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